Monday, July 1, 2013

Let Old Glory Fly

I LOVE 4th of July celebrations! Some may think that a bit funny as it's our country's independence from the farm vet's home country. :) We don't let that stand between us, obviously. And now he has two countries he calls home, so he is very fortunate. And we are all so fortunate for the great working relationship between the U.S.A. and England!

Another love is that the U.S.A. flag is referred to as "Old Glory." What a great name, right? Here's what I found about the history on that:

More of what I love: the yummy barbecuing that happens, getting to hear "America The Beautiful" on the radio, fantastic fireworks, and the feeling of PATRIOTISM amongst the community!

We wish you all a fun, safe 4th of July celebration. I hope we can all take a moment to remember what this great country stands for and admire how far it has come in a relatively short amount of time (compared to much older countries).


Aww, she didn't want to wear the cute patriotic headband that mama was so excited about! I took a photo of her anyway.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Little Bit Rusty at This

Sadly, we went on a one year hiatus from the blogging world. I cannot believe how quickly that time passed and how long I have neglected this blog. But thus is life and so here we go to give it another shot.

We have had some changes in the last year. Here's a synopsis for you: we're older, and hopefully wiser, our baby girl isn't a baby anymore, we have one less cow, no chickens at the moment, and THE farm vet (in the literal sense, not the blog) has taken a different path in his professional life. Don't worry, he is still a practicing veterinarian, just with a new group and doing a few different things.

The farm vet is now working with a vet group out of Canada that focuses on providing services to feedlots and calf ranches. We will stay based here, in California. This does mean he will not be doing the "James Herriot" type of work that many may imagine (meaning the assortment of animals, whether companion or farm). His professional work is much more focused on the animal health of cattle eventually used for beef. He is thoroughly enjoying his new working partners and all of the challenges that come with this move. He still has a handful of local dairy farms he works with as well.

Our little girl is rapidly becoming a very independent toddler! It is more and more fun every day. This is her with our heifer, Millie, that we are still waiting to get bred. Our other heifer is pregnant (thank goodness!) and due this fall. Yay for a baby calf on the way!
Next, our steer FINALLY made it to our dinner table. It was a bit of a sad day when he had to go but it was always his destiny and we had made sure he didn't become a pet! Now he is paying for himself ten times over with all of the delicious steaks and roasts we are cooking. We are so excited to have our own homegrown beef to serve guests!

Lastly, sadly, our chickens had to be put to sleep because of a bad case of scaly leg mites. :( They weren't high egg producers but we were getting maybe one or two every couple days. We have learned from this and are going to start new with some more chickens, hopefully soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Farm Vet Liebster Award!

We are one of the recipients of a "Liebster Award," given to us by our friends over at Crazy Moos. They do a great job explaining what they do on their modern dairy farm through blogging. Stephen and his family run a first-class operation at the dairy farm and it is fantastic that they are also taking the time to help consumers understand how and why the dairy is as it is today. Head on over to their blog and check it out!

The Liebster Award Rules

So you might be wondering, what exactly is a liebster award. Well, it’s really just a great way to recognize some fellow bloggers that you enjoy reading, and share these blogs with your readers.
The rules are – You thank the person who gave you the award, and post a link back to their blog. Then you choose five blogs that you want to recognize for the liebster award. Link to them, and let them know that you gave them the award.

The Farm Vet 2012 Leibster Awards go to (in no particular order):

Agriculture Proud
I think many of you will enjoy the flare of Ag Proud's content and the writing of Ryan Goodman. Ryan is a wonderful advocate of modern agriculture, and all of it's diverse forms.

Sweet Nectar Society
This beautiful organization was founded by a good friend of ours and what a blessing it is to so many children already! Brittany has done a great job getting Sweet Nectar Society off the ground and we enjoy watching it blossom, and we think you will too!

Seamlessly Savvy
Calling all bargain hunters - check out this blog! They don't miss a beat when it comes to finding the steals and deals. Janessa and Nichole know how to help you out one savings at a time. 

Life on a Real California Dairy Farm
This family blog features an adorable young family on their dairy farm in California. It is full of fun and adventure with the two boys keeping their mom and dad on their toes, along with helping out on the family farm. 

Wife of a Dairyman
Nancy is wonderful at blogging about her adventures and life raising a family and living on a California dairy farm. Her content is fun and informative!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Face of the Farmer: The Almond Farmer

Did you know California is the only place in North America where almonds are grown commercially and California Almonds are shipped to more than 90 markets worldwide (source: Almond Board)? I didn't and I've lived in California most of my life! Pretty amazing, isn't it?
 The Pitigliano family has been farming in central California for four generations, and are raising the fifth. They grow almonds, muscat grapes, pistachios, corn for grain, and black eyed peas. Dominic's great-grandfather started farming potatoes, cotton, grain, and avocados many years ago in a small town called Strathmore. Dominic now works with his parents and two brothers in the family business.
  His wife, Amie, has quite the family history in farming as well! She is the fifth generation in a farming family and her family is known for being some of the "pioneers" of farming in the Central San Joaquin Valley.
 So, needless to say, farming will be in baby Giada's blood. :)
Dominic and his family are involved in some exciting things with almonds, involving hulling and exporting to China!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Face of the Farmer: Citrus Farmer

The Lange family started farming in central California in 1960 with Satsuma Mandarin oranges. They have grown their operation over the last 52 years and now grow several different varieties of citrus, along with olives, grapes, and cattle. They are now farming on 24 sites between Tulare and Fresno Counties.

Chris and Billie Lange were gracious enough to let me take some photos of them on their ranch with their son, Derek, his wife Elizabeth, and their two children Gavin and Zion. Derek now works with his father and his kids will be the fourth generation if they grow up to work in the family business as well.

They gave us some of these W. Murcott Mandarins and they are oh so tasty!!