Farm Vet Family

Charlotte - the love of our lives. She's such a special little girl and fills our hearts with so much joy. Naturally, she is going to LOVE animals! :)

Sophie and Tink - our crazy dogs. They are good dogs though. Sophie is a Queensland Healer, Australian Shepherd mix. We got her from a dairyman friend of ours. You'd think she'd know how to work cattle right? Wrong. But we still love her. Tink is a mutt, everyone thinks she is a puppy still when they see her.....story has it she was found at a rodeo and brought to the farm vet's clinic. So he brought her home with him.

Our two cows: Dr. Who and Millie. Basically, right now they are professional lawnmowers.

Pineapple and Hazel are the two cats we inherited when we moved into the country. We think they are about ten years old each. They don't seem to keep the rodent population down in the garden as much as we had expected but they are nice enough! Sunbathing is more the chosen activity for them.

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