Friday, January 27, 2012

Face of the Farmer: Dairy Farmer

I thought I might as well kick off our first 'Face of the Farmer Friday' with my pops. That makes sense, right?

Ben Curti was born and raised a dairyman outside of Tulare, California. He is the third generation on the family dairy farm and has known no other way of life. Just like water and air are necessary in life, so are cow's necessary in Ben's.
 With baby farm vet (she was too interested in the cows to look at the camera).

The farm was started by his grandparents whom immigrated from northern Italy with nothing more than a few pennies and a dream. After a lot of hard work over the past 99 years, that dream has turned into a thriving business. He now milks 3,000 cows and farms feed for them as well. Ben's brother and cousins have also continued the dairy and farming. We know Miro and Domenica Curti are looking down with pride.

Here's a link to a video featuring Ben: Curtimade Dairy

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  1. Farming is actually a nobel work to do. Farmers provide for the food to people. This family runs the legacy of operating a farm and they have done a great job.