Friday, June 24, 2011

Magnet for Sick Animals

The farm vet told me, "It is really weird - it is like I am a magnet for sick or dying animals. They always seem to find me!" I have been seeing the truth in that more and more over the years with him.
Just last Sunday we were going to a friend's house and we stopped at the driveway because I saw a young sheep laying right outside it's pen across the street, panting in the hot sun. We decided we would try to put it away as it looked like it had been in the sun for a while.

As we approached the sheep, it didn't move, strangely. As we got closer we realized it was bleeding near it's legs. The farm vet tried to pick it up and realized one of it's legs was broken. He said, "This is really not good, it's been hit by a car. The whole back end isn't working." The neighbors were not home so we had our friend call them and tell them what we found. The poor sheep had gotten out, been hit by a car and no one had seen it.

Unfortunately, we were not in the the farm vet's vet truck so he did not have any of his veterinary supplies on him. The neighbor said they would be home right away to take care of it. The neighbor has a a few farm animals around, and grew up on a farm so I had faith he would do what needed to be done. When he returned we left the sheep with him we walked over to our friends house. A few minutes later I heard the shot ring out that put the sheep out of it's misery. I was instantly relieved that the neighbor had the sense to do what he had to do to put the suffering sheep down.

It is never fun to see a suffering animal but it was fate that we happened to be driving by on that quiet road to find that sheep. Like the farm vet said, he's a magnet.