Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who's Expecting?

We have to apologize for the recent disappearance! The last couple months have been packed with quite a few changes and surprises for us. The farm vet has been keeping up with his ultrasounding though - here are some photos.
9 weeks

You may have guessed it, this is not the normal ultrasound the farm vet performs. It's "baby farm vet!" We are thrilled to announce a new addition to the farm vet family is expected in September. We don't plan to find out the sex of the baby so we may not get many more at-home ultrasounds in order to keep it a surprise. These photos were taken at nine weeks and I am now 14 weeks.
Yes, the cow to human pregnancy comparisons have begun but I must admit I don't mind as I've grown up around bovines my whole life! It was quite funny when the farm vet pointed out, "There are the back legs!" and he didn't catch how he misspoke until someone said, "How many legs does it have?" =)