Sunday, February 20, 2011

Looks Can Be Deceiving

A client called the farm vet the other day to come take a look at his bull. It was having some skin problems that were persistent and the owner was concerned. On the trip out to the ranch, the owner called the farm vet again and said he would not be able to meet him there but the bull is in the corral close to the barn so he would be easy to find. He said if you walk up to the bull and start rubbing his back he turns into a big baby.

The farm vet is not one to get easily unnerved by any sort of bovine but when he got out of his truck and saw the big bull standing there waiting for him, he hoped this was not going to be his last time examining an animal! He climbed into the corral to face the bull eye to eye. The bull stared him down and made a few grunting noises as if to say, "Who are you and why are you in my corral?"

"Well, I have to do what I am here for." said the farm vet to himself as he walked closer to the 2,000 pound animal. The bull did not move and when the farm vet reached over to rub him on his back, he did exactly as the owner said. The bull started grunting happily and leaning into the farm vet as if he were a pet dog. Not only did this relax the bull but it relaxed the farm vet as well! He was able to examine the skin problems and take some samples without the bull so much as flinching. Since then, he has gone back to visit another time and I think the bull actually looked forward to getting his back rub from the farm vet. Here are some photos of the "fierce" animal!


  1. I'm curious as to the diagnosis? and treatment?

    I probably would have told you the same thing about several of my bulls. We have four who are big 'ole dogs. But they would have looked at you exactly the same way when you arrived in the coral.

  2. We have a few bulls on our ranch, most of the Holsteins and I don't like going anywhere near them!....Unless they're on the other side of a steel pipe fence.