Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Little Travel Time

We are lucky to have family in another country to be able to spend our vacation visiting them and enjoying a different culture. We recently made a trip to visit the farm vet's immediate family in England. While there, we went to Italy to visit some of my distant cousins. In college, I studied for nine months in Italy and keep in touch with our relatives. I am very proud of being American but also have a deep fondness for the Italian culture. It was wonderful to finally introduce the farm vet to my cousins and show him around the beautiful Piemonte region of Italy. The food and wine is always amazing and never gets old! Each morning we had fresh cheeses and meats with a cappuccino for breakfast. The Italian's appreciation for food is wonderful to experience. Here are some fun photos of the trip.
This is the view from our hotel in a sleepy little village.
 Piemonte, Italia
 Cioccolata Calda (hot chocolate) became one of the farm vet's favorite things to warm him up!
 Bello, Torino!
 Saffron infused pear with gorgonzola icecream and walnuts was a whole new experience, which we loved.
 Yes, we stopped in at an Italian dairy near the village we stayed in. We could not find the owner but showed ourselves around and took a few photos. Their lanes are scraped automatically to push the manure out.
 You are probably starting to think we are weird for doing this but it was only for a few minutes and it's fun to see the similarities and differences in dairy operations around the world.

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