Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Loss of a Pet

"When I see a man cry whom usually shows no emotion, that makes it even harder." The farm vet had to put down a dog for one of his dairy clients. This dog was part of the family and part of the farm. It was sixteen years old and went to work every day with his owner. Loyally, following him around the dairy day in and day out.

It was old age and he wasn't able to get up and move around much anymore. The dairy farmer finally decided it was time. This is the dairy farmer that is very matter of fact about things, answers his phone in a gruff tone and is a bit difficult to approach about something that could be confrontational. So when he asked the farm vet to put down his old dog, there wasn't any expectation of an emotional goodbye.

This dog obviously had  a special place in the heart of it's owner. The farm vet prepared everything to put the dog to sleep and the owner started crying and left because he did not want to watch. The farm vet was shocked at the show of emotion from the man. An employee that had been working at the dairy for many years helped the farm vet and the employee also started to get emotional. He said the dog had been around as long as he had been working at the dairy. When it was done, the employee took the dog away to bury him for the owner.

Even the gruffest of men have a soft spot somewhere in their heart and this man's happened to be for his dog. There's no comparison to the loyalty of a pet like that.

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  1. It seems to me that sometimes animals have an easier way into some hearts than people. They're so much more "real" than some people can be!