Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Its That Time of Year - Fair Time!

The weather is starting to cool off, corn chopping is beginning and the frantic calls are coming in from people preparing their best animals to take them to the fair! It's "fair season" in California and that means the livestock shows will be taking place. The fair is a wonderful place to take the kids if you would like to expose them to some farm animals without having to find your way onto a farm.

The farm vet has been out to see a few clients to do some tuberculosis testing on dairy cattle to make sure they are tuberculosis free when they are sold. He will be dehorning some beef cattle for showing purposes and has been out to see a sheep and a pig that will be making their trip to the local fair as well. These animals are shown by the youth involved in animal agriculture. The amount of time and effort put into raising these animals so they can take them to the fair is huge. It takes a lot of discipline and responsibility to work with the animals and prepare them. The young kids that get the opportunity to do this are very lucky and learn a lot from it. I know as I am speaking from experience. ;-)
Isn't she a beauty?!

 Our hope is that all fairs will continue the tradition of having livestock shows. Not only for the people and kids directly involved in agriculture, but also for those people that are not. It gives them an opportunity to come in contact with the animals and the people that raise them. I have many fond memories of showing cattle at our local fair and I hope our children will have the chance to experience that.

Here are a few pictures of some of the dairy heifers the farm vet checked.


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