Friday, June 25, 2010

Sophie: The Horses Arch-Nemesis

One of our dogs, named Sophie, has an obsession with tearing apart flakes of hay! We found it  funny at first but she has now become a nuisance to the horses. One of Sophie's favorite times of the day is when the horses get their feed. She has an amazing ability to attack a flake of hay and shake it apart just before it hits the ground. It is strewn about in pieces by the time the horses get to it.

She is a very agile dog, being a mix of Queensland and Australian Shepherd. The combination of high energy and extreme intensity in her personality make it hard to keep her from going after the horse's feed. Amazingly, Sophie has managed to avoid several close calls with a horse's kick. We have semi-broken her habit of tearing apart the flakes. When she is not allowed to attack the hay, she instead takes it out on the wheelbarrow carrying the hay. She has started nipping at the wheelbarrow, naturally, as it is the next closest thing to the flakes of hay!  Here is a clip of Sophie in action.........she has a love-hate relationship with the horses! :-)

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