Thursday, May 6, 2010

The poll doesn't lie......Royal Veterinary College!

For those of you that voted in the poll, "Which vet school did the farm vet attend?" the correct answer is The Royal Veterinary College in London, England. The correct school had the most votes!

The farm vet grew up in England and upon graduation from vet school wanted to practice in either the U.S. or Canada. He visited practices in both countries and decided he was best suited for a dairy-specific practice in California. Since then he has transitioned into mixed practice but the majority of his time is spent with cattle. No small animal, with the exception of free advice and exams for family and friends' pets. ;)

The farm vet says he's always had a love for animals, especially cows. When he was young he used to take a short-cut through some pastures on his walk to school in his village. He said this was the best part of his day, walking through the pasture and getting a chance to interact with the cows. The comfort around the animals has always come naturally to him. During his youth, the farm vet also used to help on a neighbor's dairy doing odd jobs.

Throughout college he had worked on several farms and with veterinary clinics in the UK and overseas. I believe each person has a gift for doing something. As his wife, it's been obvious the farm vet has a gift for working with animals. There is a certain confidence and ease with the way someone like him is able to handle an animal and still keep a level head to make the best decisions.

He told me this the other day, "I had a professor in college that said you have to work every day knowing that you did the best job you could, so that you can go to bed every night and sleep without worrying. You have to live by that." That is the kind of person I want to trust with the care of my animals.
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