Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Animal Abuse: It's Disgusting!

Unfortunately, in this world there are bad things that happen that we try hard to prevent but it's impossible to stop. One of those things is people bringing harm upon animals that cannot defend themselves. Just like any other crime, we have laws to bring consequences to the people that do this but there are always those bad apples that continue to do it! There are laws that make animal abuse illegal and those people will face consequences if the authorities find them guilty of breaking these laws.
Some of this may go on in animal agriculture today and we try our best to ensure it does not. I encourage people to educate themselves on animal agriculture and talk to farmers, veterinarians and animal scientists that work with these animals every day. Through the work of the farm vet he has found that 99% of the animal owners he works with try their best to provide the best lifestyle for their animals. We do have to keep in mind that these animals are not pets, so they will not be living in the house and going on family vacations with their owners! They will be receiving adequate food and water and medical care and treatment as necessary.
Those people that do not take care of their animals and abuse them are a disgrace to their peers. I hope people see the bigger picture of animal owners, that they are good people and are in the business of animal agriculture because they ENJOY it and have RESPECT for the animals. Please, do not forget that. As is common with our media today, it focuses on the negative isolated incidents instead of any of the positive. If you see something you don't understand or would like an explanation on, ask us!
Here are some websites to get a glimpse into the life of some of the cattle owners in family businesses today:




  1. I agree with your post on this subject wholeheartedly. Thank you for your astute recognition to those of us who are involved in animal agriculture because we enjoy what we do and care about our animals. I invite those who have little contact with farming to ask questions and come see our beef cattle operation.

  2. Thank you! There are so many good stories to tell and great management practices and those need to get some credit!