Friday, March 12, 2010

Hello and Welcome!

We are new to the world of blogging so to kick off our first post we would like to say 'thanks' for visiting our blog. To start, here's what was an average day in the life of a farm vet.....
  • He began his early morning with a dairy cow "herd check." This is an important part of the dairy farm's management as the dairyman and the veterinarian can work together to improve the health and well-being of the herd.
  • Next he went to what is called a calf ranch (like a calf nursery). He walked around with the manager examining the overall health of the calves.
  • Then he was off to another calf-raising ranch to check on some heifers that had been tested for tuberculosis. They were not tested because they have been exposed to the disease but because these heifers are going out of the state and, for disease precautions, each state has requirements for tuberculosis testing prior to any new animals entering. Good news is that none of them are positive!
  • He finished his day with touring a new goat dairy. This was the highlight of his day and he couldn't stop talking about how clean and beautiful the new goat dairy is!
Most days are usually wrapped up with him checking in at the clinic to check on appointments and do some paperwork. The schedule makes for long days but the variety of the work makes them go by extremely fast! There will be good days and bad days and we look forward to sharing more and more of those with you!

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